Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Absolute Cell References With Exercise 5.5

Previous post I discussed relative cell referencing with Exercise 5.4 Here I will talk about absolute cell referencing.

Relative cell referencing is very useful in many cases by adjusting the cell references when a formula is copied from but one location to another. Example can be seen here.

There might be times that you need to use one cell in each formula. To prevent Excel to copy all cell references we use Absolute cell referencing. In Excel these formulas are constructed by placing dollar  ($) signs in the cell reference.  

Check this simple example video.

Here I made a simple currency converter. From US Dollars to Malaysian Ringgit. Let's say 1 dolar = 3.02 Ringgit. I simply put this information in cell D1 and I write different amounts of dollars in column C. Ringgit currency is calculated in column D. Just pay attention how the Absolute cell referencing is used in formulas. When we copy the formula we can see that cell D1 never changes in copied formulas.


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